As much as you would like to unplug yourself from technology during your travel, you cannot deny the fact that travel gadgets make your travel adventure more memorable and convenient. In this modern day of age, there is a gadget for everything; everything that you want is inside a small box of technology.

2017 is quite a year for technology breakthrough, and some of the gadgets that were created are for travelers. The reason behind it is traveling is now a social calling for all and being able to travel conveniently anywhere you like has been one of the goals of a lot of travelers. So, we give you the must-have travel gadgets for your next trip:


Nowadays, traveling without your phone seems like a bad idea. It is because this gadget lets you do anything while you are on your travel vacation. Your phone gives you direction via GPS, it lets you decide which restaurant is the best in the city, it books your flight and hotel accommodation, it takes your travel pictures and it connects you to your loved ones while you are away. Your phone pretty much makes your life easier while you are on a vacation.


Flying across the world or being on the road for a long time is such a bummer, the good thing is music is always there for you. Just put on some track, play them on repeat and for sure, you will be fine, you just need to make sure that you have your headphones or earphones with you. Quality headphones are now available in any gadget store; a noise-canceling earphone is even created for those who want to be lost in the music. How convenient is it to just listen to the beat without hearing the outside world?


This gadget has long been used in the military and now travelers are hyping about it. It lets you capture the scenery that your common camera couldn’t reach. If you are in love with cinematic shots, this gadget is definitely for you.

Portable Power Bank

You can now do almost anything on your phone and it is a shame if your precious android/IOS phone is running out of battery while you are traveling. Let’s not deny that most of us are very dependent on our phones, we pay our bills using it, we order our phone on it and we call our loved ones in it. So, it is a must that our phone battery is always full, that is why power banks are very important. The higher the MAH capacity of your power bank, the better. And of course, do not forget to charge your power banks before leaving your house.

Car Charger

Another lifesaver is your car charger. Are you running late for your flight and you haven’t charged your gadgets yet? Do not worry, just charge them on your way to the airport.

Waterproof Phone Case

Who doesn’t love the beach? To survive a non-stop whole-day adventure at the beach, you must-have a waterproof phone case, it lets you take pictures while you are in the waters and it saves your phone from “drowning”.  Using this case is a smart move especially that a phone manufacturers do not give out warranty because of water damage.

Action Camera

To capture your awesome adventure, you can bring your action camera. This waterproof camera is very user-friendly and it lets you film your water activity adventures. A lot of skiing, skydiving and scuba diving enthusiasts use action camera to shoot their video and photos. This gadget is always on the must-have travel gadgets list that you can see on the internet.

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