Doing outdoor activities makes you feel more alive and connected to Mother Earth. Being outdoorsy is one of the characteristics of a true traveler. Exploring what is out there is somehow scary but exciting. For once in your life, it is a must that you go camping; it lets you connect to the root of our humanity when the modern world was not yet discovered.

Getting away from everything for awhile is the luxury we should give to ourselves. A day without cell phones, computer, internet and social media is liberating. A night with the stars on your roof and crickets singing around you is calming. A camping experience is truly an adventure you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Before going on a camping adventure, there are a number of things you should bring. Create a camping essentials checklist for you to remember everything that you need. Here are the camping essentials you should know for your next camping trip.


Bring a sturdy tent, it will serve as your home while you are in a campsite. Your tent size should depend on the number of people who are going to use it. Yes, it is fun to crowd a small tent with 5 persons, not until you need to stretch your legs and a surge of claustrophobia hits you. Invest in a reliable tent with strong branches and anchor metals. You can also bring some pillows and a mattress for a more comfortable sleep.

Pack of matches

Fire is very important, it cooks your food and it keeps you warm. It looks fun to create a fire from scratch however it requires a type of skill that you learn from your scouting days. For easy fire, you can use a match. It is smart to bring a number of matchboxes.


Food is life. It is one of the most important things that you should bring for camping. Consider bringing foods that have a long shelf life. Canned goods are usually the best go to camping foods that you can bring; corned beef, canned tuna and sausages can help you get by. You can also bring a small stove loaded with fuel for cooking or a charcoal stove, camp cooked foods always taste better than usual!

Do not forget your cooking pan and kitchen utensils. You can also bring a cooler for chilled drinks. Coffee lovers should not forget to bring their coffee. A portable coffee maker is now available, it lets you conveniently heat water easily.


When you are outdoors, it is imperative to always drink plenty of water because it gives you energy and it hydrates your body. For your camping, you can bring a jug of water, preferably the one that can contain 10 liters of water. You can also use your water for cooking and washing. Carrying just enough amount of water is never enough; it is always smart to bring as many liters as you can.

First Aid Kit

Be safe or be sorry. Remember to bring a first aid kit with you. It should be packed with medicines and other items that can help with burns, minor scratches, mosquito bites and small cuts.

Flashlight / Lamp

Who would want to walk and move in the dark? Do not forget to bring your flashlight and other portable lamps, these can help you move easily in the dark. You can do other fun things other than sleeping if you have a reliable lamp.

Fun Kit


Camping lets you get back in time when our grandparents enjoy their night out by playing board games. You can bond with your friends while playing some card games and board games around a campfire.

Personal items

Your personal items should always go with you wherever you go. Do not forget to bring your toothbrush and other toiletries. Camping outdoors is not an excused for a poor hygiene.

Camping is fun and it creates a lot of memories that you can relieve in the future. Following these camping essentials can surely make your camping adventure worth remembering.


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