Would you spend a day in Venice?

Did you ever dream of visiting Venice, Italy? Did you ever imagine going around the city while riding a gondola? If you have a heart for Renaissance architecture, for sure your answer is a YES. You would definitely want to spend a day in Venice.

It is good to know that there is a small version of Venice Grand Canal in the Philippines, you don’t have to travel a thousand miles to feel what it feels like to see the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill was opened in 2015, it became an instant travel destination for thousands of tourists.

Picture perfect shots can be taken as you stroll in the mall, the sceneries are definitely Instagram worthy. You can feel the romantic vibe while you stare at the man-made canal, the water is clear as blue and the sun reflection adds up to its exquisiteness. For a fee, you can take a short gondola trip. Italian classic songs are also being played in the background. The Venice charm is perfectly captured in every part of the canal, the architecture is on point and the place is packed with different Italian restaurants.

Here are some breathtaking shots that were taken in the Grand Canal Mall:

The Grand Canal. Look at the on point architecture designs in every building. The buildings are in different shades of red, yellow, orange colors.

Tourists, tourists everywhere.  All of them have one goal, to get the perfect selfie/groupie with the Grand Canal in the background.

The miniature gondola passing under the bridge. Heads up, you need to line up before you can take a gondola trip. It is one of the top attractions so be ready to wait in queue for a long time. Your day in Venice won’t be complete until your ride in a gondola.

The “floating” café. How fancy is it to eat and drink in this café? Sipping a hot coffee while looking at the view is nothing but dreamlike.

Grand Canal Mall has its version of Carnevale, a mask party. Street performers dress up and perform some dance tricks in front of mall goers.

Here is a shot inside the mall. The ceiling design is very detailed and it is clearly influenced by classic architecture.

Here is another look inside the mall, the ceiling looks like it is created and designed for a church.

The good thing about the mall is it gives you a lot of options. You can stroll in the Grand Canal, eat in different restaurants, chill in a café, watch the street performers, take thousands of pictures, and you can shop all you want. There are more to experience and discover in Grand Canal Mall. Go see it for yourself, be sure to spend a day in Venice!

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