Solo travel is now one of the crazes in the travel industry. A lot of travel companies offer a number of complete tour packages for those who want to go on solo travel journey. Traveling solo is included in almost all the “things you should do in your 20s” articles on the internet.

After you decide to go on a solo travel, the next step is to decide where you should go. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before choosing your destination. For some solo travel tips, check this article out: Travel Tips for Solo Travelers.

Here are the best travel destinations for solo travelers:

Bangkok, Thailand

Fulfill your thirst for some culture adventure. The city is named as the Venice of Asia because of the presence of wonderful architectures that are tied with Thailand’s rich culture. One of the architectural structures is the majestic Buddhist temple that is accessible for tourists.

Traveling in Bangkok is cheap, the city has budget hotels, cheap food stands are everywhere and the transport system is excellent. While strolling solo, you can indulge yourself in a delicious Thai cuisine.  The crime rate in the city is significantly low in the past years.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can bike your way in Amsterdam while looking for the best coffee shop in the city. The city is known for its impressive canal system, coffee shops and friendly locals. Being the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam offers a variety of activities like beer tasting, Anne Frank’s house visit, city biking and Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece sightseeing.

The accommodation package in Amsterdam is a bit expensive but the experience you’d gain in your solo travel in the city is priceless.

Melbourne, Australia

Known for its surf beaches and picture-perfect landscapes, Melbourne is really one the best travel destinations for solo travelers.

Hotels are pricey but the good thing is you can experience some of the touristy activities for free. The transportation is cheap and you can get your way around the city by riding a bike.

If you love nature, Melbourne has a lot of gardens where you can run, bike and walk. Best known gardens in the area are King’s Domain and Royal Botanic gardens. You can also sulk yourself under the sun while surfing in Torquay which is located near Melbourne. The beach is perfect for amateurs and pro surfers.

 Toronto, Canada

The thriving city is known for its rich culture and soaring skyscrapers.

The hotels in the city are a bit pricey but the transportation is budget friendly. Toronto has a lot of museums that are open for all tourists. Lose yourself as you go back in time.

If you are a fan of pandas, be sure to go to Toronto Zoo. Aside from having big and overly cute pandas, the zoo is also the home to 400 species.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is always on the radar as one of the best tourist destinations for all types of travelers.

There are budget-friendly inns in the area and transportation is no issue at all, you can travel the city by subway.

A lot of tourist spots in Seoul can be visited for free! You can explore the Bukchon Hanon Village and some Buddhist temples in the city without spending a dime. Seoul is also the best place to do your shopping. You can find almost everything you need in Myeongdong Shopping Center. It is one of the busiest shops in South Korea.

There you have it. These are only few of the best travel destinations for solo travelers. Book your airline ticket now!

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