Do you remember the time when you have to get a travel agent to help you out with your travel itinerary?  Yes, it was a very long time ago when traveling is only for those who have a lot of resources. Nowadays, you can travel all you want and explore a lot of places, all you got to have are the best travel guide apps.

Here are the best travel guide apps that you can install on your smartphones (IOS and Android). These apps make your life easier. Just one click and everything you need to know is right on your screen.


You can now forget your booking horror experiences, with Freebird you are free as a bird to book all the flight schedules you need. When you get lucky, you can get an awesome discount on your tickets.


Getting into different places in your new travel destination city is quite difficult, good thing there is Grab. Just set up your GPS (location service), choose your destination and book a grab car. It usually takes five good minutes to get your ride. It sounds very convenient to me.


It is another app that gets you a ride, the app is accessible in almost 77 countries worldwide. It offers the same services with Grab. Commuting in a new city is sometimes complicated; Uber helps you with your daily travel journey. The good thing about the app is it lets you pay using your card, no cash is involved. It is the best and safest way to travel.


Do you need a last minute hotel booking? Priceline is here for you. It helps you narrow down your hotel search, you can select your location and the star level of the hotel you want to stay in.


Another hotel booking app. The good thing about this app is it lets you take advantage of discounts. After setting up the date of booking and location of the hotel, it shows you a massive result within the area. Booking a hotel is never been this convenient and cheap!


XE Currency

This app is very helpful especially when you are traveling to another country with a different currency. It simplifies the calculation and currency exchange for you.



Let’s face it, we all had traveled without any plans at all, that’s where TripAdvisor comes in handy. It gives you an access to all the best vacation spots in your destination. You can also ask questions about your travel in their forum.



Discovering a new place also means discovering its delicacies. Yelp helps you out in distinguishing the best restaurants and bars in the area. One of the best assets of the app is it gives you an access to customer reviews, it helps you decide which food place you can visit.

Google Translate

The app knows 103 different languages. It allows you to translate words real-time. Communication is one of the essential things when traveling and this app should definitely be on your best travel guide apps list.



This app is the reason why people are obsessed with taking #travelgoals photographs. It lets you share your travel shots to your followers. It also serves as your travel documentary. Saving and sharing your travel journey has never been this easy.


Traveling is indeed good for the soul. Be sure to install these apps now for your next travel destination.

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