Traveling opens your eyes to the world. It satisfies your hunger for adventure and it lets you discover yourself but sometimes it costs you a lot of money.   You always have to be smart in choosing your travel packages in order for you to get the cheapest travel deals. A lot of people don’t travel because of the notion that traveling is only for the rich. This belief should be busted because cheap travel destinations are everywhere, you just have to look for them.

The first step in your budget travel itinerary is to choose your travel destination. You have to put into consideration a lot factors like food, accommodation and travel expenses. Here are some of the cheapest travel destinations you can choose from:


Vietnam offers a great view of abundant green landscapes. Traveling to Vietnam is extremely cheap; you can get by on 10 US dollars a day, it is the reason why a lot of tourists visit the country. Inns are accessible in Hanoi, the country’s capital city. Food is delicious and budget-friendly; you can taste their famous delicacy which is Bún Thịt Nướng, a grilled pork and noodle dish, for just 2 US dollars. You can choose from a lot of transportation methods in Vietnam. Taxi, motorbikes and buses are accessible everywhere.


The country is well-known because of its rich culture, astounding beaches and beautiful landscapes. You can live by on 25 US dollars a day in Mexico. There are also hundreds of activities you can do in Mexico. You can go beach hopping all day, swim with whale sharks in Cancun and you can visit some historic sites like Chichen Itza and Monte Alban. Booking a hotel room in Mexico City is cheap and easy. You can travel around Mexico by riding a tax and you can ride a bus for long distance travel.


It is a shame if Thailand is not going to be included on the list. The country is labeled as one of the cheapest countries to travel. Thai cuisines are known to be spicy but delicious; you can get their famous Som Tum, a spicy papaya salad, for only 3 US dollars. Motorbikes are on every street corner in Bangkok so you don’t have to worry about transporting to different places. Budget-friendly inns and transient homes are accessible in the country. You can start your day in Thailand by visiting its famous ancient temples like the Uluwatu Temple.


Colombia picked itself up after a tragic past (Narcos viewers can agree). Today, Colombia is a totally different country far from what it was decades ago. The country has a vast of Amazon rainforest and amazing nature gardens that are open for tourists. Food in Colombia is cheap and appetizing; you can have a bite of bandeja paisa, a bean and pork dish, for only 10-15 US dollars. You can travel around Colombia by riding trains and the fare is pretty cheap. Safety is not anymore an issue in the country, you can stroll around Bogota in any time of the day, and hotels are also clean and budget-friendly.


Trekking is what comes to mind when Nepal is mentioned. The country is significantly small but it has one of the highest mountain peaks in the world. Extreme mountain activities are available for a very low price. If you have the courage, you can hike your way up to The Himalayas. Cheap inns are available too, you just have to look for them. Cable transport is also now on the rise in Nepal.

These are only a few of the cheapest travel destinations you can visit. These destinations only prove that traveling is for everybody. You just have to be smart and resourceful in planning your travel budget.

Happy cheap travel to you!

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