Do you know the health benefits of eating bananas?

It is safe to say that almost all the people in the world had eaten a banana. I never encountered someone who never did. Banana is my favorite fruit of all time. I like eating it as it is or I want it on my fruit shake. Here in the Philippines, you can buy different variations of banana in the market. We got the “lakatan”,“latundan”, “saba”, “senorita” and so on. You can get a kilo of banana for a dollar here, it sounds like a great deal to me.

Do you know that banana is botanically considered a berry? There are more to know about this super fruit. You may be surprised by the hundreds of health benefits of eating banana. Here are some facts you might not know about banana:

  1. If you are constipated, eating bananas can help normalize bowel movement.
  2. Banana can get a relief from acid reflux and heartburn.

  1. Eating a banana can help you prevent kidney problems like cancer.
  2. Banana makes you smarter. Eating a banana before an exam is helpful since it has a high level of potassium. Your brain works at its best when the potassium level is maintained.
  3. Banana can improve your mood. It is advisable to eat it when you’re PMS-ing.
  4. Banana has a high level of tryptophan; it is the one responsible for giving the brain the happy mood. You can eat a banana when you are depressed.

  1. Eating a banana can prevent muscle and leg cramps during workouts.
  2. Banana can lower your body temperature; it cools you down during a hot day.

The list still goes on and on. Banana is indeed a super fruit. These health benefits of eating banana prove that you don’t have to spend much to eat healthy. Make it a habit to eat a banana once a day to keep the doctors away.

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