If you want to wander where a Wi-Fi connection is not available, go on a hiking trip. In a recent research, hikers were asked why they keep on going for a long and difficult hike; they all gave the same answer. They said that they do it because it satisfies their never-ending thirst for a great nature adventure.  Someone also said that he got addicted to hiking because it feels like he can reach for the clouds when he is on the top of a hiking trail and it makes him feel invincible.

Hiking seems like a scary activity for a lot of people. If you are not the outdoorsy and nature lover type, going on a hike may not sound appealing to you. However, like what they say, you never knew what it feels like until you give a try.

Your first hiking adventure is crucial because the succeeding hikes depend on it. Here are some hiking tips for beginners that you should follow:

Know your strength

First, gauge yourself. Do not choose to go on a hike at Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in California, if you are hiking for the first time. As the saying goes, “you can’t run before you can walk”. Remember that your first time hike is like you testing the waters. Choose the easiest trail and see where the adventure rush takes you. A one-hour trail hike is ideal for beginners.  Also, a flat terrain is perfect to test how far you can go.  Some first time hikers choose to go on semi grassland trail since it is easier and it doesn’t require a lot of hiking skills.

Do some research

Speaking of hiking skills, you should be ready to acquire them. There are a lot of types of trails and each one requires different hiking skills. You can do some online reading about the topic or you can talk to a professional hiker.

It is always an advantage for you if you know what you should do when you are going on a hike. Take time to learn some basic hiking techniques that can come handy for your first hike adventure. Make sure that you also know all the safety precautions you need to observe while on a hike.

Pack lightly

Hiking is much easier if you don’t have a lot of baggage. Pack as lightly as possible. Do not bring unnecessary things; those can only slow you down. Remember to bring your food, water (you might need a lot of it), flashlight, extra clothes, compass, first aid kit, sunglasses and sunscreen.

For a first time easy hike, you might not need your hiking gears. You may have to invest in a good gear when you decide to go on an extreme hiking adventure in the future.

Rest well before going on a hike

Recharge your body the night before your hike day. Be sure to sleep well because your body needs all the energy it can get. Set your alarm to make sure you can wake up ahead of time to refresh yourself with a warm coffee and a bath.

Use the right shoes

This seems like a given hiking essential but some beginners still fail to follow it. Your shoes can help you on your hike and they can save your life as well. You don’t need to buy an expensive one; a durable, comfortable and dependable pair of hiking shoes is okay. Remember to also wear the appropriate socks.

Stay hydrated


It is no secret that hiking is exhausting. You have to energize yourself from time to time. Drinking water can do the trick for you.

Remember to take a break

Do not force yourself too hard. Take a break for 10-15 minutes to recharge. You can appreciate the splendor of the nature’s view while you are on a short break. You can take some photos and you can eat some snacks too.

Stay with your group

If you are with a group, be sure to stick with them. Do not wander alone in a different direction. Getting lost in the mountain trail is definitely not a good first time experience for you. If you need to go on a different path, bring a companion with you.

Do not give up

This is one of the most important hiking tips for beginners. Do not give up so easily. Keep in mind why you started. Set your goal and focus on finishing the hike.

Schedule your time of hike down

Set an alarm for your hike down. It is always smart to go down before sunset if you are on a day hike trip. Give a time allowance for your hike down, if you hike the trail for an hour, expect to get down for an hour and a half since the hike down is more difficult.

There you have it; these are some of the basic hiking tips for beginners. For those who listed down hiking a mountain trail as one of their bucket list items, it is now the perfect time to fulfill it and cross it off your list.

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