Being on the road is not an excused for not eating healthy. Traveling feeds our soul but do not forget that our bodies enable us to experience what life has to offer. A healthy body is our ticket to an endless travel adventure.

Let’s face it, eating healthy while traveling is a struggle. Preparing a hearty meal while you are flying across the world is not possible at all. Fast food and restaurants are your best friends when you are out traveling for business or for leisure. So, what to do?

Here are some tips on how to eat healthy when traveling:

Pack your Own Food

All forms of transportation are still allowing you to bring your own food on board. You can take advantage of it by preparing and bringing your own food. Prepare a sandwich of your own choice and be sure to seal its package to prevent it from spoiling. Remember that when traveling by plane, your food must be properly sealed and contained.

If you are not the sandwich-type of a guy, there are still a lot of options for you. You can bring your healthy nuts like pistachios and almonds. You can also pack your favorite food snacks such as banana and apple. For your energy boost, you can take a food bar with you but be sure to check the sugar content of it.

Look for Healthy Food Options

Instead of wasting your time waiting on the airport/terminal, you can look around for some healthy food stands in the area. You may not be able to see a lot of healthy food options but grabbing a healthy snack pack or two can help you get by during your travel.

Make a Request

You can make a call and ask your airline for a healthy meal. Some airlines are accommodating enough to grant your request because it is never a secret that airplane meals are very unhealthy.

Eat Three Times a Day

Traveling is not an excused to skip a meal. A lot of travelers tend to skip their meals and end up over-eating before the day ends.  The more you deprive yourself of eating, the more you will eat up on your next meal.

Be Smart in Booking a Room

If possible book a room that has a refrigerator and a microwave. Preparing your own food while traveling is still the best way to eat healthily. You can heat up your packed foods in the microwave because eating your own healthy food is the key to stay fit. You can also stock up some low-carb and low-fat food in your hotel fridge.

Refrain from Eating Fast Food

Yes, you are always on the rush when you are traveling that is why eating in a fast food house seems like a great choice. When you feel like eating on your favorite fast food chain, just think about the oil that they are using to fry their chicken and how many calories you need to burn because of eating a cheeseburger. Again, traveling is never an excused to eat unhealthy foods.

Be a Smart Eater

It is always good to explore everything when you are traveling and that involves food. Do not prohibit yourself from eating out in a local restaurant; instead be mindful of what you’re going to eat. Carefully check the menu and ask questions if you need more information. Refrain from picking fried meals but instead go for the steamed and grilled meals on the menu. Do not also forget to order a vegetable meal and if you can, pass on the dessert.

Lastly, do not eat because you are bored

You are traveling to explore new adventures and to create new memories. If you are bored, you can bike around the city, swim with the dolphins and you can watch the sunset. Do not eat just because you are bored, look around you and you will see a lot of ways you can have fun under the sun.

Be sure to follow this guide on how to eat healthy when traveling. Traveling is more fun when your body is in a great condition. Having a fit body enables you to discover and experience more while you are on a travel adventure. Happy travel and eating to you!

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