The saying “if traveling is free, you won’t see me again” is very popular, this just means that people are adventurous at heart. We all want to travel the world but only few can afford the luxury of traveling. A night in Paris can cost you a thousand dollars, how much more if you are going to travel around Europe for a week? Let’s face it, traveling is expensive. It is a given fact that we all knew so well.

So, what to do? To travel or not to travel?

One of the biggest factors that you need to consider before going on a travel vacation is your budget. Money, money and money. The truth is the society where we live in today imposed that kind of thinking that traveling is only for rich people. It is time to break that thinking. You can travel to another city without spending much and you can go to another country on a tight budget, all you have to do is be smart in planning your travel expenses.

How can you travel cheap? How can you realize your life long travel vacation dream? Here are some of the ways that can help you travel cheaply.

 Set a realistic destination

Be truthful when you set your travel destination. Do not aspire to travel to Cancun, Mexico (one of the expensive destinations in the world) if you didn’t get your paycheck yet and you got a lot of bills to pay. Choose a realistic and more affordable destination; this can save you from disappointing yourself and your wallet. Think about going to a cheap travel destination like Bali, Indonesia. This doesn’t mean that you are closing your doors to expensive travel getaways; you are just simply putting those destinations aside until you save enough travel money.

Save for your travel

It is exciting to go on a spontaneous travel from time to time but planning and saving for your travel allows you to enjoy your travel experience more. Traveling can never be free. There are some instances that you have to spend some cash. Always, always bring an extra pocket money when traveling.

Travel off-season

Do not travel to Zurich, Switzerland during Christmas season or to The Bahamas during summer. Basically, do not go with the flow. Traveling off-season gets you a cheaper travel deal.

Grab those discounted airfare tickets

Every airline offers a yearly airplane ticket sale. You just have to be alert and quick in buying your tickets because cheap airline tickets sell fast. It is smart to sign up yourself for all airlines mailing lists. You can also follow your airline’s social media for an update!

Weigh your luggage at home

You know what is more annoying than fingernails on a chalkboard? Going over the limit of the allowable baggage weight. It means an additional fee for you. It is advisable to weigh your own luggage at home to avoid paying for extra luggage fee.

Stay on a cheap but clean hotel

Traveling is an adventure and for sure you wouldn’t be sleeping on a bed all day when you are on a vacation. Choose a cheap and clean hotel over a five-star hotel. If your goal is to explore your destination, you wouldn’t need to stay at your hotel for a long period time.  To have a bed where you can sleep, a bathroom where you can take a bath and a safely locked room where you can store your luggage is enough.

Eat local

Eating local means eating budget-friendly dishes. Exploring a destination is also exploring its delicacies. Refrain from eating in an expensive restaurant to save more money for some other things. It is one of the secrets on how to travel cheap.

Be wise in choosing your mood of transport

In some tourist destinations, you can rent a bike for a day. It is one of the best hacks you should remember when traveling, it lets you discover the city and it lets you go to different places without spending too much. Uber can also help you during your travel vacation, be sure to install the app on your phone.

Work while you are traveling

Some people are lucky enough because they can bring their workloads anywhere.  If you happen to be one of them, do not be afraid to spread your wings. You just have to find the best spot where you can work productively. A free Wi-Fi spot can be your lifesaver.

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