When it comes to traveling, there are two kinds of people, the ordinary traveler and the smart one. Obviously, the smart traveler makes the most out of his travel experience; this just proves that a well-thought and planned travel is always the best.

This 2018, there are a lot of destinations that are waiting to be discovered, so let us help you out in conquering them in a smartest way possible. Here are the smartest travel hacks that you should know:

Flight booking

When booking for a flight, be sure to switch your browsing mode to private. Booking companies and airlines are always tracking your web activity and when they see that you already booked with them before, they tend to increase the price for you. 

It is also smart to subscribe to airlines price email alerts. Cheap airline tickets sell fast; knowing when the promo booking date of the airline is a big advantage for you. Like what they say, the early bird catches the worm.

Personal and Financial Security

Secure your IDs carefully a day before your travel date. You can also print a copy of your personal identifications just in they get lost.

It is advisable to inform your bank regarding your travel. A declined credit card while you are halfway around the world is a shame. You can advise them beforehand that your card will be used in a foreign country.


It is a universal rule to roll your clothes when packing. It gives you more space on the luggage and it prevents your clothing from being wrinkled. Wearing your heaviest clothes and shoes on the plane is the best hack to prevent exceeding your baggage weight limit. Use an organizer bag for your underwear and toiletries, this can help you find your stuff easily. Glass cases are perfect for your chargers and cable storage. The last thing that you want is cable wires scattered inside your luggage. You can also mark your belongings as fragile. Lastly, only bring what you really need.

Be Tech Savvy

If you left your charger at home, you can use your hotel room’s television, most of them have a USB connector attached to the unit which is compatible with your phone’s charging port.

Bringing a charger with multiple ports can help you save time since you can charge your gadgets all at once. This is one of the smartest travel hacks since most hotel rooms have only 2 or 3 electric sockets installed. 

If you are using rechargeable batteries, putting them in the refrigerator can help preserve their energy that results in long battery life.

Be practical by using public WIFI for your basic browsing needs but be smart enough not to use it to access your banking accounts. It is better to be cautious than to be sorry.

Make use of online travel guides like Google map, Yelp and Uber. These apps can truly save your life.

Make new friends

Making new travel friends is quite tricky. You have to be picky in making friends in a place you’ve never been before. Once you trust your guts, you can ask your new friend to show you around the place. They can bring you to a number of wonderful and budget-friendly destinations that are only known to the locals.


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