Packing for your travel is a tiring task to do. There are a lot of things that are needed to be considered when packing for a travel getaway. For starter, you have to create a travel pack checklist to make sure that all the important stuff that you need are not going to be left behind. You also have to make sure that you are not going to go beyond the airline baggage allowance (if you are trying to travel cheap).

Here are some travel packing tips for your next vacation:

Check your airline’s baggage allowance and fee

Before packing, be sure to check your airline policy when it comes to allowance baggage weight. If you are trying to strictly follow your travel budget, checking the baggage policy can help you save a dime. Let’s be real, airport baggage fees are expensive.  For some instances that you need to bring a lot of stuff, be prepared to pay a pricey fee.

Acquire a light luggage or backpack

You have to be smart in choosing your carry-ons especially when you are only allowed to bring 7 kilos on board. You need to do some math here, if you have a heavy luggage weighing 2 kilos that leaves you with 5 kilos left for your stuff.  When buying a luggage, make sure to check the specifications of the carry on by looking at the tag.

Roll your clothing

When it comes to the art of packing your clothes, rolling your clothes neatly and nicely is a great way to maximize the space of your luggage, this is one of the best travel packing tips that you should not forget. Doing so will leave you with more space for your other things. Another reason why you need to roll your clothes is that rolled clothes are less prone to getting wrinkled.

Reuse some clothing

Reusing some of your clothes means packing less for your trip.  Do not be shy to reuse some of your clothing like your jacket and jeans; they don’t usually get dirty right away. These clothing are perfect for your everyday itinerary.

Bring clothes that you can re-style

You can never go wrong with re-styling your travel OOTD. For example, bring a jacket that you can wear in a lot of ways.

Do not bring all your toiletries

Do not bring your heavy shampoo, hair conditioner and body wash bottles, you wouldn’t need much of them. If you have a hotel reservation, expect to receive a mini toiletry bag that has a free soap, shampoo, lotion and a toothbrush. However, if you only want to use your trusted products, you can buy some smaller light-weight plastic bottles that you can fill with your self-care essentials. Also, leave your hair dryer at home, you can use the one installed in your hotel room.

Do not bring too much technology

For some electronic reasons, some gadgets these days are impossibly heavy. For example, some laptops are so bulky and they weight more than 1 kilo. It would be smart to leave your gadgets if you don’t need to use them for your travel. If you are traveling for work and you need your laptop, you can use your lightweight tablet instead. You can also use your smartphone camera for taking pictures instead of using a heavyweight DSLR camera (not unless you are a professional photographer).

Do not forget your travel documents and money

Be sure to bring your passport or visa, identification cards, credit card, health insurance card, travel insurance card (if you have one) and your money.

Lock your luggage

When it comes to your luggage security, you have to be vigilant. Do not be content with your luggage security feature, you can use an additional luggage lock for double security.

Here are some of the travel packing tips for your next travel, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and let’s go!

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