They say that those who fly solo have the strongest wings. This is essentially true for all the solo travelers out there. Life is so much fun with friends but once in awhile, you feel the need to detach yourself from the crowd. Solo travel is also a great way to meet new people and discover different things you never knew about yourself.

Solo traveling is now included in every bucket list that I have seen. People nowadays (especially millennials) want to experience the beauty of solo traveling, it may be quite scary for some but imagine how many good stories can be made when you are traveling alone.

Here are some of the travel tips for solo travelers that you must keep in mind when you are going to travel alone:

Stay safe. Your safety should be your priority when you are traveling. Do not leave your home without letting your family and friends know where you are going.  Be sure to let them know about your itineraries and last minute travel changes. Also, make it appoint to book a 24-hour front desk hotel just in case you might be arriving late. Don’t forget to bring meds with you. Keep your eyes open at all times since you don’t have a companion who can watch your back for you.

Blend with the crowd. Avoid wearing touristy clothing. Don’t draw too much attention by wearing jewelry and an “I love New York” shirt. Act and walk confidently in the crowd and remember all the travel tips for solo travelers that you know. As they say, fake it until you make it.

Be selective in meeting new people. One of the perks of solo travel is you can meet new people. Making new friends is fun but remember to be selective in choosing to whom you are going to hang out with. Trust your instincts all the time.

Choose the right dining place. Going to a crowded restaurant might not be a good idea. Cafés and small restaurants are ideal for solo travelers. Just imagine how relaxing and serene it is to sip your favorite coffee while looking at a beautiful view. You can also bring a book with you, it can be your coffee buddy. Don’t be afraid to eat alone because it is the perfect time for you to savor every bite you take.

Take amazing photos. Group travel photos are full of stories and so are your solo travel pictures. Don’t be shy to ask trustworthy people around you to take a snap for you. Take selfies whenever you like. Be creative in getting your shots, it can be very helpful to use a monopod in taking your photographs.

Do your research. Your first time as a solo travel can be frightening. Make sure to do your research on how you can survive your solo travel trip. You can read about many travel tips for solo travelers online. Joining a solo travelers group can also be helpful for you.

There you have it, those are the travel tips for solo travelers you should remember. What are you waiting for? Be free. Be bold. Take the best trip of your life. Go on a solo travel now!

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